The Hearts was a group formed in New York City in the early fifties.They were one of the very first "girl groups" that had success in the R & B field. Zell Sanders was a budding recording industry entrepreneur bucking the system as a female in a male dominated world. Zelma "Zell" Sanders was the mother of Johnnie Louise Richardson who was a touring member of the Jaynetts after she had been part of the singing duo of Johnnie & Joe. The Hearts consisted of Hazel Crutchfield, Forestine Barnes, Louise Harris Murray, Joyce West, and pianist and male member Rex Garvin. Finding a label to record the group was not easy but soon Sanders had made contact with a small local label named Baton Records and its neophyte president Sol Rabinowitz. He liked what he heard and in the first few days of 1955 "Lonely Nights" and "Oo-Wee" was released on Baton # 208 abd reached # 8 on the Billboard R&B chart.

When they heard the blasting takeoff by tenor sax player Big Al Sears and the smashing cymbals on the downbeat on "Lonely Nights", then the talking recitation by Louise Harris, they were knocked on their collective rear ends. The record was a good seller but even more, had a huge effect on the direction of the music itself. The soulful love ballad was the thing now, not the humorous and sometimes salacious jump sounds that had led the way in the past.
By mid March "Lonely Nights" is listed as a top seller in New York City. Riding the crest of the popularity of their first record, Louise and The Hearts appear with Tommy "Dr. Jive" Smalls at Harlem's Rockland Palace, along with Roy Hamilton, The Cadillacs, Buddy Johnson's Band, and surprise guest star, Billie Holiday.  In July Baton Records announces that "Lonely Nights" is still selling along with a nice showing for "All My Love Belongs To You". In September, Louise and The Hearts play the Apollo Theater in New York in a big R & B Revue headed by Tommy "Dr. Jive" Smalls
Sally, Go 'Round The Roses was a number two song for the Jaynetts in 1963. Zell had this odd little number, "Sally, Go 'Round the Roses," when Tuff Record's  producer-label executive Abner Spector came to town looking for some material; and a girl group. The meeting of Abner Spector, the Jaynetts, and the mystifying lyrical ambiguity of Zell's "Sally" would culminate in the creation of a rock and roll Vocalists who sang on "Sally Go 'Round the Roses" besides the five credited personnel include J&S veterans Selena Healey, Marie Hood, Louise (Harris) Murray & Lezli Valentine
Still touring to this very day Louise is a powerhouse of a performer whether with Her Hearts. Or solo singing her Billie Holiday tribute.
Featured at Lincoln Center. The Beacon Theater, Wolftrap  the Fox Theater at Foxwoods, Star Plaza Theater in Chicago Listening to her wail with those original Big Al Sears charts you can imagine Alan Freed  Big first Rock and Roll shows at the Brooklyn Paramount in 1956.